The Ultimate Up-Cycle Challenge #TakeASeat

The Ultimate Up-Cycle Challenge #TakeASeat

We recently accepted a creative challenge from the marketing team at The Home + Interior Design Show. The challenge was:

– Take a pile of random secondhand furniture pieces from ReStore

– Use the random paint products donated to us by Rustoleum

– Spend a little extra $$ if we need (we got a $50 gift card)

– Make an amazing chair out of the above ^ to be auctioned off for charity

We accepted the challenge! Here’s how it went:

These random pieces are where it all started. Two rectangle shelf things, a funky tray and some furniture feet. Since the challenge was sponsored by Rustoleum, each contestant was given a surprise box of products that had to be incorporated into the finish. We had no idea what products we would get when we picked out our furniture pieces.

Let the construction begin! Because this was to be auctioned off, we needed help from a real pro to construct our chair. We called in our creative carpenter friend Tanner from TBO Construction Ltd. to help us reinforce the pieces. When he finished with it, it was our job to make it look great.

Step one: Fill some holes and add a little sanding to smooth it all out. We were grateful to find some primer in our box, a lovely spray can of Zinsser 123.

Now here comes the fun part! Check out this amazing coral colour they gave us. We got our spray on with this one. This trim and and funky tray got some coral love.


For the main body of our chair, we used this super cool metallic silver and rolled on a couple coats until it was solid. Check out the seat of the chair. See that little hole? You can lift the base and access a storage area inside! Tanner helped us create a hollow space for storage. How cool is that?!


We used our extra spending cash to buy a chunk of cozy foam and decided to try our hand at sewing a cushion cover with some piping (there’s a first time for everything, right?!). We had some of Annie Sloan’s fabric in our studio that looked amazing with the coral and silver. We must say the finished product looked pretty good for our first attempt at upholstery. The cushion really completes the look of our chair.


Here’s our chair on display at the show. Throughout the weekend, people placed bids on our chair. The money raised went to Habitat for Humanity and one person got to take home a truly one-of-a-kind piece! What a fun way to raise money for charity. We had a lot of fun creating this one!

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