Little Red Side Table Makeover

Little Red Side Table Makeover

We all love a pop of colour to brighten up our abode but making a big change in your space may be a little daunting.  We suggest starting with a small piece similar to our little side table. Here’s how we did it!


You will need the following supplies.  These items are available for purchase on-line or in store at Interiors to Inspire:

Step 1:

When using Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan, sanding and priming is rarely required.  Begin by ensuring your piece is clean and then simply start painting in a “slip slap” motion using your Annie Sloan paintbrush. These brushes are fabulous because they hold a lot of paint making your job so much easier!   Apply two layers of English Yellow around the edges and any areas you intend to distress later.  (Distressed areas will reveal the original layered colour).


Step 2:  Textura Paste by Wood Icing™ is a fun product to work with, allowing us to add texture and depth to any piece.   Using the colour shaper tool (a trowel or spatula would work as well) apply Textura Paste covering random sections of your project.   Thickness of paste is personal choice and dependent on the look you wish to create.  For a more “rough” look, we used a “stippling” effect by pouncing a paintbrush onto the Textura Paste.


Step 3: When the Textura Paste is dry, paint two coats of Emperor’s Silk in a slip slap motion covering your entire piece.  We applied a thick or heavy second layer of Emperor’s Silk in certain areas and dried it with a hair dryer.  The heat will cause the thick coat to crack creating a crackle effect.


Step 4: Distress your project as little or as much as you wish.  Distressing will create a weathered or aged look and is based on your personal preference.   Using a 220-250 grit sandpaper, sand back the entire piece or specific sections or edges revealing the first layer of English Yellow and the original colour.

Step 5: Finish by sealing your project with Annie Sloan’s Dark Wax. Brush wax on the entire surface using your wax brush.  Less is more, so there is no need to apply wax too thick.  Wipe off the excess wax with a lint free cloth or t-shirt rag.  Let sit 30 minutes and then buff for beautiful velvety soft finish with a buffing cloth.  The dark wax will enhance the cracks, texture and weathered look. Get down & dirty!

Voila! Our little side table makeover is complete!

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