Barnwood Crate
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Barnwood Crate

Ever notice how expensive it is to buy old wood, Barnwood, or reclaimed wood? We’re all for saving a few bucks so let us show you how to fake it!

What do you mean by Barnwood? 

Have you ever taken a drive out in the county and seen an old, dilapidated falling apart barn or shed on a farm? Or even a falling down fence along the road? It is wood that has greyed or sun bleached over years. Wood that looks like it is worn and has stood the test of time. We don’t know about you, but we don’t want to put a pile of wood in our back yards and wait for it to age; let’s create it now!

Really, I can create this look?

Time to think outside of the box, or crate rather…Not everything is as it seems. You will create the look of gorgeous reclaimed Barnwood on a raw wood crate. Get ready to be amazed at how simple this actually can be and yes you can do it!

What will I learn? 

Every student will be given a wooden crate that is made from fresh new wood. Using Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan & glazing products one of our artists will teach different faux wood & aging techniques like washing & dry brushing and wood graining. You will be guided through several layers that will totally transform your crate. Make sure you take a before photo because your friends won’t believe their eyes.

Anything else I should know?

Everything is provided for you including the crate! No previous paint experience required. The techniques learnt in this class can be applied to new wood, old wood, previously painted furniture and more. Students be warned, you will leave our studio with the itch to paint everything in your house!