Wood Graining Tool
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Wood Graining Tool


  • Use this wood-graining tool to create authentic wood grains and knots on doors or any other surface
  • Imitates real wood grain and knots
  • Use on almost any paintable surface including metal doors
  • Solid plastic removable plastic handle
  • Removable rubber grainer pad
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Works with all paints



  • Choose two colours and mix them with glaze in order to create a real looking wood grain
  • Apply an even coat of glaze mixture of first colour onto the surface using a brush; let dry
  • Apply an even coat of glaze mixture of the second colour onto the surface using a brush
  • Dampen the rocker prior to use
  • Press the face of the rocker into wet glaze mixture and pull the rocker towards you from top to bottom, slowly and continuously rotating it back and forth
  • Smooth motions will create authentic knots and grains
  • Use a softener or smoother brush to soften out the finish
  • Clean the Graining tool immediately after use


Directions with Colours

  • Prepare the surface using an appropriate white primer/bonder
  • You will need to choose two colours that will be mixed with the glaze
  • The first colour will serve to imitate the grain of the wood
  • The second colour will serve to imitate the veins of the wood and should be darker
  • Mix the each colour separately with glaze following instructions on the label (3 parts glaze to 1 part paint)
  • Apply the glaze paint mixture for the grain colour from top to bottom using a brush
  • The brush marks should show and you will see the white primer through the glaze paint mixture
  • Let dry completely
  • Dampen the wood graining tool with water
  • Apply a thin coat of the vein colour using a brush and working from top to bottom
  • Place the graining tool on the top corner of the surface and pull the tool towards you using a firm steady motion, while rotating (rocking) the tool slowly up and down
  • This rotating motion will create the knots
  • Note: if you wish to start over, simply take a damp rag and wipe off glaze and start over
  • Repeat step 4 until surface is completed
  • Once the entire surface has been completed and while the glaze mixture is still wet or tacky, use a dry brush to smooth out and soften the finish working from bottom to the top
  • It is important to use a minimal amount of pressure on the surface so as not to distort the wood grain finish
  • Clean all tools with soap and water immediately after use